Kawai Kanjiro

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Square bottle by Kawai Kanjirô. Metropolitan Museum.
  • Born: 1890
  • Died: 1966
  • Japanese: 河井寛次郎 (Kawai Kanjirou)

Kawai Kanjirô was a notable ceramics artist of the 20th century and prominent member of the mingei (folk crafts) movement.

Kanjirô traveled with fellow mingei artist Hamada Shôji in Korea in 1936-1937 collecting pieces for the collection of the newly-established Japan Folk Crafts Museum.[1] The two then traveled for several weeks in 1938-1939 with Yanagi Sôetsu and others in Okinawa for similar purposes.[2]

His students included Aragaki Eisaburô.[3]


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