Itami Chikanao

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  • Birth: 1523
  • Death: 1596
  • Title: Ôsumi no kami
  • Other names: Itami Masakatsu, Itami Yasuaki, Itami Hidetora
  • Distinction: Imagawa, Takeda, Tokugawa retainer

Chikanao was the son of Itami Masaoki and was related to the Itami of Settsu province. When Itami castle fell to rivals of the clan in 1529, Chikanao was spirited away by Itami retainers, passing from Ise province to Kôzuke province until settling in Suruga province. He became a retainer of Imagawa Yoshimoto and during the time of the latter's successor, Ujizane, was appointed to command naval vessels. In 1569 he became a retainer of Takeda Shingen and served the Takeda as a naval commander. Following the fall of the Takeda in 1582, Chikanao found service with the Tokugawa, whom he also served in a naval capacity