Ishiko Masahira

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  • Titles: Tosa no kami
  • Japanese: 石河政平 (Ishikô Masahira)

Ishikô Masahira was a Tokugawa shogunate official who served as Kanjô bugyô from 1847 or earlier until 1855. He served the shogunate on a number of different tasks and projects, including helping to oversee the construction of a new imperial palace following a fire in 1854. In 1855, he was reassigned to become a karô for the Hitotsubashi family.

Ishikô was reassigned again in 1857, from Hitotsubashi karô to the position of sobashû. In 1858/7, as part of the Ansei Purge, he was dismissed from his position and sentenced to house arrest.[1]


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