Ino Tadataka

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  • Japanese: 伊能忠敬 (Inou Tadataka)

Inô Tadataka was a geographer hired by the Tokugawa shogunate in the early years of the 19th century to survey the realm. Traveling the Japanese archipelago in 1800-1816, Inô produced the first kuniezu maps of Japan to be produced using thorough surveying methods; the resulting collection of 225 maps,[1] entitled the Dai nihon enkai yochi zenzu, was compiled and submitted to the shogunate in 1821. While the areas covered by Inô's maps are incredibly detailed and accurate, they also leave numerous empty (unsurveyed, unknown) spaces.


  • Gallery labels, National Museum of Japanese History.[1]
  1. Including 214 large-scale maps, 8 medium-scale, and 3 small-scale maps.