Imagawa Ujitoyo

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  • Born: 1521?
  • Titles: Samanosuke

Ujitoyo was the 6th son of Imagawa Ujichika and Yoshimoto's younger brother. He was given control of Nagoya castle at a young age and married a daughter of Shiba Yoshimune - a Shugo residing in Kiyosu. He was well-known as a skilled composer of Renga (linked verse), and this hobby, so one story goes, led to the fall of Nagoya: he evidently liked to invite the local warlord Oda Nobuhide who was living in Shobata castle in Kaito district, to the castle for poetry sessions. Nobuhide attended many Renga sessions, causing Ujitoyo to become so complacent that Nobuhide finally took the place with just the small entourage he had on hand at the time. Ujitoyo's fate is unclear.


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