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Basic SamuraiWiki Formatting

Creating New Articles

In order to create a new article, please decide on the title of the article you want, and then search for it via the Search box on the lower left side of this screen. If your article does not yet exist, you will then have the option of creating it.

Body Formatting

Make sure there are two spaces between the "data heading" and the article body, and one space between the article body and the "references" section.

Article Titles

Because of the way that links are handled with wikimedia software, an arbitrary method developed that has become standard. In most cases, all words in a title should be capitalized, with the following exceptions:

  • "no" (Japanese), "and", "the", "of" and any other particles should not be capitalized.
  • province, han, district, clan, and castle should not be capitalized.
  • Generally, "shrine", "temple", and "city" should not be used in a title, except where it is standard english usage. (i.e. "Sakai" rather than "Sakai city", but "Ise shrine" rather than "Ise"). If they are used, do not capitalize.
  • Do not include "long vowel sounds" in the article titles: Example: Môri Motonari, only include them within the text.

Capitalization in Article Titles/Links

The capitalization in the samuraiwiki is a bit quirky; it has grown with the wiki, however it is important to follow the formats:

How To Correctly Format Links

Code: The castle called [[Maruyama castle|Maruyama]] fell in 1185.
Result: The castle called Maruyama fell in 1185.

Code: The [[Imagawa clan|Imagawa]] invaded in 1565.
Result: The Imagawa invaded in 1565.

Code: The battle was fought at [[Oda Nobunaga|Nobunaga's]] house.
Result: The battle was fought at Nobunaga's house.
(Notice the apostrophe is included in the link)

Code: [[Mori Motonari|Môri Motonari]] took a trip to [[Omi province|Ômi province]].
Result: Môri Motonari took a trip to Ômi province.
(Notice that the actual link does not contain the ô. Links formatted like this: Môri Motonari ( [[Môri Motonari]] ) do not work.)

  • Remember that only the first occurence in an article is linked, not all occurences.

Categorizing Articles

Please place the category links at the bottom of your article. For example, if your article is a "Bujutsu" related article, place [[Category:Bujutsu]] at the bottom of the article.