Hara Torayoshi

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  • Other name: Hara Han'emon
  • Title: Ôsumi no kami
  • Distinction: Takeda retainer

Torayoshi served Takeda Shingen. He was related to both Hara Masatane and Hara Toratane, though all three were from different branches of the Hara family. He is best known for an event that occured at the Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima (1561). At that time he served in Shingen's headquarters, which was raided at the height of the battle by an enemy horseman (reputed to have been Uesugi Kenshin himself). Hara alone was in a position to come to Shingen's aid, When Kenshin attacked Shingen from horseback in thier famed duel, Hara was reported to have thrust at Kenshin with Shingen's own spear, but missed and struck the horse in the flank instead, causing it to flee. The details of his career after Kawanakajima are unclear. Son: Toranaga (d.1582)