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The Hachisuka kamon.

The Hachisuka of Owari province claimed descent from Shiba Takatsune (d.1367) and later came to serve the Oda family.

Hachisuka Masakatsu, who played a role in Toyotomi Hideyoshi's 1585 Invasion of Shikoku, had been based at Tatsuno in Harima province. Following the invasion of Shikoku, he was enfeoffed in Awa province, where the clan would remain through the Edo period. At the time of the battle of Sekigahara (1600), Masakatsu's son Hachisuka Iemasa officially returned the fief to Toyotomi Hideyori. Iemasa made his son Hachisuka Yoshishige join Tokugawa Ieyasu's side in the conflict, after which the Tokugawa officially granted the Hachisuka Tokushima han as their fief.

The Hachisuka remained tozama daimyô in Tokushima through the Edo period, with 258,000 koku. Holding all of Awa province, they were one of the ten or so hon-kunimochi ("true country holding") daimyô.

In the time of the third Lord of Tokushima, Hachisuka Tadateru, misconduct on the part of one of the karô led to a succession dispute known as the Amabe Dispute; another incident, known as the Inada Dispute occurred in the Bakumatsu period, throwing the governance of the domain into chaos.

Generals of the Oda clan during the Sengoku Period


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