Hachisuka Iemasa

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  • Birth: 1558
  • Death: 1638
  • Other names: 蜂須賀彦右衛門 (Hachisuka Hikoemon)
  • Title: Awa no kami
  • Distinction: Oda, Toyotomi retainer
  • Japanese: 蜂須賀家政 (Hachisuka Iemasa)

Iemasa was the eldest son of Hachisuka Masakatsu. He first served Oda Nobunaga and fought at the Battle of Nagashino (1575). He assisted Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the Komaki Campaign by attacking the warrior monks of Kii (1584). Following the Shikoku Campaign of 1585, he was given Tokushima in Awa province. He participated in the Odawara Campaign (1590) and led 7,200 men in the 1st Invasion of Korea (1592-93). After returning from the 2nd Korean Campaign (1597-98), he retired in favor of his son Yoshishige.