Goeku Chosei

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  • Born: 1621
  • Died: 1695
  • Japanese: 越来親方朝誠 (Goeku ueekata Chousei)

Goeku ueekata Chôsei was a scholar-bureaucrat in the service of the Ryûkyû Kingdom.

He served as a member of three Ryukyuan embassies to Edo, beginning in 1634, when, at age 14, he traveled to Kyoto as a member of the koaka-gumi (lit. "Small Red Group"). He later traveled to Edo three times, in 1644, 1653, and 1671. In 1653, at age 33, he served as assistant to the Lead Envoy Kunjan Seisoku, and in 1671, at the age of 51, he served as assistant to Lead Envoy Kin Chôten.

He was later appointed to the Sanshikan.


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