Ginowan Chosho

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Hengaku wooden plaque featuring Ginowan's calligraphy, donated to the temple of Seiken-ji in Suruga province in 1790, and on display at the temple today
  • Born: 1765/6/2
  • Died: 1827
  • Titles: 宜野湾王子 (Ginowan ouji)
  • Other Names: (Shou You), 朝陽 (Chôyô)
  • Japanese: 宜野湾朝祥 (Ginowan Choushou)

Prince Ginowan Chôshô, also known as Shô Yô, was the fourth son of Shô Boku, king of the Ryûkyû Kingdom.

At the age of 26, in 1790, Prince Ginowan served as lead envoy (seishi) on a Ryukyuan mission to Edo. While at Okitsu-juku in Suruga province, the mission stopped at the temple of Seiken-ji, to pay respects and erect a new tombstone for Crown Prince Shô Kô, who died and was buried there in 1610. A work of calligraphy by Prince Ginowan, completed on that occasion, remains in the temple's possession today.

Prince Ginowan is also known for his skill and interest in Noh; he is recorded by Matsura Seizan as having danced Matsukaze for a private audience at the Satsuma Edo mansion in 1790.


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