Gi Shitetsu

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  • Born: 1653/2/15
  • Died: 1738/1/15
  • Other Names: 高嶺 徳明 (Takamine Tokumei)
  • Japanese: 士哲 (Gi Shitetsu)

Gi Shitetsu was a Ryukyuan scholar-official.

While serving as assistant interpreter on a mission to China in 1688, Gi met the Fujian-based physician Huáng Huìyǒu, who taught him a procedure for repairing harelip (cleft lip or palate). The following year, after returning to Ryûkyû, he performed the procedure successfully on the Crown Prince's son, who would later succeed his father as king, under the name Shô Eki.

Gi later rose to the position of Shikin daifu, and was named jitô of Takamine village.


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