Emperor Rokujo

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  • Reign: 1165-1168
  • Japanese: 六条天皇 (Rokujou tennou)

Emperor Rokujô was an emperor of the late Heian period. He was the first emperor in a century to not have a Fujiwara clan grandfather (since Emperor Go-Sanjô, r. 1068-1072).

Rokujô took the throne in 1165, following the death of his father Emperor Nijô. Fujiwara no Motozane served as sesshô (regent) for the first year of his reign, and Fujiwara no Motofusa after that, from 1166 through 1168.

Rokujô stepped down in 1168 in favor of Emperor Takakura, who enjoyed the support of the powerful Taira clan.

Preceded by
Emperor Nijô
Emperor of Japan
Succeeded by
Emperor Takakura


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