Fujiwara no Motofusa

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Fujiwara no Motofusa was a late Heian period court aristocrat, who served as Sesshô (regent) from 1166 to 1172, and later as Kanpaku and Dajô Daijin as well.

Named Sesshô on 1166/7/27, he resigned his position as Sadaijin (Minister of the Left) a few months later, on 1166/11/4.

Motofusa was dismissed from service by Taira no Kiyomori in 1177, in the aftermath of the Shishigatani Incident. Though Motofusa was not involved in the plot against the Taira, Kiyomori took the opportunity to remove many officials from office, and to replace them with his relatives and more loyal followers.

His daughter Hisako married Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Another daughter of Motofusa, Ishi, married Fujiwara no Michichika; their son Dôgen - Motofusa's grandson - famously introduced the Sôtô school of Zen Buddhism into Japan.