Emperor Qinzong of Song

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Emperor Qinzong was the son and successor of Emperor Huizong of China's Northern Song Dynasty.

Emperor Huizong abdicated in favor of Qinzong in 1125 as the empire came under attack from the Jurchen armies of the Jin Dynasty. This did nothing to stop the Jin from conquering the Northern Song capital of Kaifeng and capturing both Qinzong and his father, along with a number of other members of the Imperial family.

Huizong and Qinzong lived on in captivity for a number of years, eventually dying there, never to return to freedom. Meanwhile, one of Qinzong's younger brothers continued the dynasty, establishing a new capital at Hangzhou and becoming Emperor Gaozong of Song, first emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty.

Preceded by
Emperor Huizong of Song
Emperor of Song
Succeeded by
Emperor Gaozong of Song


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