Emperor Horikawa

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  • Death: 1107/7
  • Reign: 1086-1107
  • Japanese: 堀河天皇 (Horikawa tennou)

Emperor Horikawa was an emperor of the late Heian period.

The son of Emperor Shirakawa, he was a grandson of Fujiwara no Morozane, who served as regent for much of Horikawa's reign, until 1094, when Fujiwara no Moromichi became kanpaku. Horikawa took the throne following his father's abdication in 1087.

Horikawa took a mansion previously used by Retired Emperor En'yû, known as the Horikawa-in, as his secondary palace. He died there in the 7th month of 1107, and was succeeded by his son, who took the throne as Emperor Toba.

Preceded by
Emperor Shirakawa
Emperor of Japan
Succeeded by
Emperor Toba


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