Emperor Enyu

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  • Died: 991/2/3
  • Reign: 969-984
  • Japanese: 円融天皇 (En'yuu tennou)

Emperor En'yû was an emperor of the Heian period.

Like his older brother and predecessor Emperor Reizei, he was a grandson of Fujiwara no Morosuke. En'yû took the throne in 969, following his brother's abdication. Over the course of his reign, En'yû had four regents: Reizei's kanpaku Fujiwara no Saneyori continued on as En'yû's sesshô for one year, then was replaced by Fujiwara no Koretada from 970 to 972. Fujiwara no Kanemichi then served as kanpaku from 972 until 977, and Fujiwara no Yoritada after that.

En'yû abdicated in 984, to be succeeded by his nephew, a son of Emperor Reizei who then took the throne as Emperor Kazan, while En'yû took up retirement at the Kyoto mansion known as Horikawa-in.

He had married Fujiwara no Senshi, a sister of Fujiwara no Michitaka; following En'yû's death in 991, his empress took the tonsure and took on the name Higashi Sanjô-no-in.

Preceded by
Emperor Reizei
Emperor of Japan
Succeeded by
Emperor Kazan


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