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  • Japanese: 弁柄 (bengara)

Bengara is an inorganic mineral red pigment made from iron oxide. It was used since ancient times to decorate haniwa and other pottery objects.

In the Edo period, bengara was widely used to paint the window lattices or other parts of the frontage of teahouses.


  • "Shurijô Seiden ha sekai saidaikyû no urushi no ki. Shurijô no shûfuku, fukugen ga dekiru shokunin o sodatete moraitai"「首里城正殿は世界最大級の漆の器。首里城の修復、復元ができる職人を育ててもらいたい。」、Fee nu kaji 南ぬ風 9 (2008/10-12), 5.