Battle of Okehazama

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As the opening stage of a march on the capital, Imagawa Yoshimoto invaded Owari and brought down two of Oda Nobunaga's forts (Washizu and Marune). Oda Nobunaga, to surprise of his retainers, opted to meet the enemy in the field and hastily gathered an army. He set out while the Imagawa troops rested near Okehazama. Taking advantage of Imagawa Yoshimoto’s overconfidence and a sudden thunderstorm, Nobunaga launched a lightening attack into the Imagawa encampment in the Dengakuhazama and killed Yoshimoto. The Imagawa quickly lost heart and fled, leaving Nobunaga with a complete victory. The Imagawa’s dreams for taking Kyoto were shattered and from this point, the Oda began their rise to power. A concrete number for Yoshimoto's strength is difficult to come by, and figures range from 10,000 to 25,000.