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An'ei 7 (安永七年)

Timeline of 1778

  • 1778/1 The number of rice brokers (fudasashi) in Edo reaches 109.
  • 1778/6 Russian ship arrives at Akkeshi in Ezo (Hokkaidô), demanding to trade. Represenatives of Matsumae han turn them away, forcing them to leave the following year.

Other Events of 1778

  • Hokusai begins studying under Katsukawa Shunshô.
  • First private ship transports goods to Osaka via the Western Circuit, marking the beginning of the kitamaebune.
  • Satake Shozan (Yoshiatsu), daimyô of Akita han, produces his Gahô kôryô, the first Japanese essay attempting to set down the rules of Western-style depiction (i.e. perspective and other aspects of Western painting and drawing).

Births and Deaths

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