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Akita han, also known as Kubota han, was a taishin kunimochi[1] domain based at Kubota castle and ruled by the Satake clan. It was a particularly prominent mining domain, producing much gold, silver, and copper which then circulated elsewhere in the realm.[2]

Akita was in fact the chief producer of copper in the archipelago in the early Edo period; copper production declined, however, by around 1700, and by the 1760s, the silver mines of Akita and elsewhere in Tôhoku were considered essentially exhausted.[3]

At the very beginning of the Edo period, the domain was held initially by the Akita clan, until they were transferred in 1602 to a domain in Hitachi province, and replaced by the Satake.

Akita was among a number of domains which supplied troops to aid Matsumae han in suppressing Shakushain's Revolt in 1669-1672.[4]

The domain is also known as the home of Akita ranga, a short-lived but significant school of Western-style painting. Comprised chiefly of daimyô Satake Shôzan and his retainer Odano Naotake, the school flourished chiefly in the 1770s.

Selected Lords of Akita han


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