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Kan'ei 18 (寛永十八年)

Timeline of 1641

Other Events of 1641

  • The shogunate assigns Fukuoka han the responsibility of defending Nagasaki harbor.
  • Dutch East India Company factory is moved to Dejima, to which the Dutch are restricted.
  • The Dutch East India Company seizes Malacca from the Portuguese, who had controlled it since 1511.
  • First official records of Dutch commerce at Nagasaki (fûsetsugaki) are produced.
  • Monopoly privileges on silk under the itowappu system are extended to the Dutch East India Company.
  • Shô Ken takes the throne in Ryûkyû.
  • A fire destroys the five-story pagoda at Tô-ji.
  • Women associated with the Yoshiwara are forbidden from leaving the quarter without special permission.

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