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Keichô 9 (慶長九年)

Timeline of 1604

Other Events of 1604

  • The itowappu system is established, by which the Tokugawa shogunate grants monopolistic privileges in certain aspects of commerce to select Japanese and Portuguese merchants.
  • Shimazu Yoshihisa detains a group of Ryukyuan castaways who became shipwrecked in the Koshiki Islands off Satsumasendai.
  • The shogunate issues the first shuinjô (vermillion seal licenses) to authorize traders' activities in Southeast Asia, Korea, and elsewhere.
  • The shogunate issues edicts formally announcing the beginnings of plans to assimilate and annex Ezo (Hokkaidô). The Matsumae clan of Matsumae han, the only domain on the island, is granted exclusive trading rights with the Ainu in exchange for undertaking various responsibilities regarding the administration of the island and its native inhabitants.
  • The Godaidô at the temple of Zuiganji at Matsushima is rebuilt.

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