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The checkpoint at Arai as it appears today.
  • Japanese: 新居関所 (arai sekisho)

The checkpoint at Arai, or Arai sekisho, was a checkpoint along the Tôkaidô highway, located between Maisaka and Shirasuka post-stations, in what is today Kosai City, Shizuoka prefecture. It is the only such checkpoint to remain standing today, with a large gate, small attached masugata plaza, kôsatsu stand for displaying laws and regulations, and a small associated shiryôkan museum on the site.

The checkpoint served to help enforce travel regulations, with guards stationed to check travelers' authorization papers (tegata) and to make sure they were not carrying any contraband.

The 5.8 meter high and 4.8 meter wide Ômon (great gate) at the Arai checkpoint was in the Kôrai-mon style, closely resembling gates at various castles. It was opened only during daylight hours (from 6 bells in the morning until 6 bells in the evening), blocking travelers from passing through otherwise.

The surrounding town consisted of nearly 800 homes in 1843, along with three honjin and 26 hatagoya inns.[1]

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  • Plaques on-site.[2]
  1. Gallery labels, Futagawa-juku honjin shiryôkan, Toyohashi, Aichi prefecture.[1]

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