Zogai Zenkan

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  • Born: 1279
  • Died: 1355/11/18
  • Other Names: 妙覚禅師 (Myoukaku zenji)
  • Japanese: 象外禅鑑 (Zougai Zenkan)

Zôgai Zenkan was a Japanese Rinzai Zen monk of the 13th-14th centuries.

Originally from Hizen province, in Kyushu, he studied under Tôkei Tokugo of the Engaku-ji in Kamakura, and eventually succeeded him. He then established Taizô-ji in Kazusa province, and later became chief priest of Engaku-ji and Kenchô-ji, two of the top Zen temples in Kamakura.

Following his death in 1355, Zôgai was granted the posthumous name Myôkaku Zenji, or Zen Master Myôkaku.