Wakan roeishu

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Two poems from a copy of the Wakan rôeishû by Konoe Nobutada
  • Compiled: c. 1013, Fujiwara Kintô
  • Japanese: 和漢朗詠集 or 倭漢朗詠集 (wakan rouei shuu)

The wakan rôeishû is a collection of poetry, in two volumes, compiled around 1013 by Fujiwara Kintô. It combines 587 Chinese poems (kanshi) by figures such as Bai Juyi which were popular among the courtiers and court ladies at that time to recite (rôei), along with 217 Japanese poems (waka) by figures such as Ki no Tsurayuki and Ôshikôchi no Mitsune. It is sometimes said to have been compiled as a special gift on the occasion of Fujiwara no Norimichi marrying Kintô's daughter.