Uchaya udun

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  • Built: 1677
  • Other Names: 東苑 (touen, higashi no sono)
  • Japanese: 御茶屋御殿 (uchaya udun)

Uchaya udun (lit. "teahouse palace") was a "detached palace" of the Ryukyuan royalty. As it was located in the eastern part of the Shuri castle compound, it was often alternatively known simply as "the eastern garden," a name given it by Qing envoy Wang Ji in 1683.[1]

It is said to have first been built in 1677 by King Shô Tei, as a place to entertain visiting envoys from China and Satsuma han. The garden was in a distinctively Ryukyuan style, and included a viewing tower and tearoom. It was destroyed in the 1945 Battle of Okinawa, but efforts to petition to have it rebuilt continue.


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