Tokugawa Yorinobu

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  • Born: 1602
  • Died: 1671
  • Sons: Tokugawa Mitsusada (1626-1705)
  • Titles: Gon-chunagon, Hitachi no suke
  • Japanese: 徳川頼宣 (Tokugawa Yorinobu)

Tokugawa Yorinobu was the tenth son of Tokugawa Ieyasu, and was the founder of the Kishû Tokugawa branch family.

Yorinobu’s mother was Oman no Kata. He received the fief of Mito with an income of 250,000 koku at the age of two. He was moved to Sunpu han in 1609, and then to Wakayama han (Kii province, 550,000 koku) in 1619 and so became the head of the second of the Tokugawa gosanke houses.