So Yoshizane

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Grave of Sô Yoshizane at Banshô-in temple on Tsushima
  • Other Names: 天龍院殿 (Tenryû-in dono)
  • Japanese: 義真 (Sô Yoshizane)

Sô Yoshizane was the 21st head of the Sô clan and third Edo period lord of Tsushima han. He was the eldest son of Sô Yoshinari and succeeded his father in 1657.

He is known for his construction of Sajikibara castle and expansion of Kaneishi castle, both within the castle-town of Tsushima Fuchû (today, Izuhara-chô), and establishment of much of the basic layout of that castle-town.[1]

He married the eldest daughter of Kyôgoku Takatomo, lord of Miyazu han; she was later known as Enshôin-dono.[1]

Preceded by:
Sô Yoshinari
Lord of Tsushima han
Succeeded by:
Sô Yoshitsugu


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