Shindo Ichiro

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  • Born: 1785
  • Died: 1854/9/27
  • Other Names: 黙釣 (Mokuchô)
  • Japanese: 進藤一郎 (Shindô Ichirô)

Shindô Ichirô was a Confucian scholar based in the villages of Ôchô and Mitarai in Hiroshima han (today, part of Kure City).

Born in 1785 the eldest son of Takahashi Yo'emon of the Takane-ya in Ôchô village (on the island of Ôsaki Shimojima in the Inland Sea), he studied as a child under Takahashi Kakumon of the Okazaki-ya, and later under Rai Kyôhei. He later relocated to Sakai, where he became a student of Liu Yuangao.

In 1817, Shindô returned home, where he established a medical clinic, instructed young people in kangaku (Chinese Studies), and composed Chinese-style poetry.

He died on 1854/9/27.


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