Shimazu Shoso

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  • Other Names: 久徳 (Hisanori), 兵庫 (Hyôgo)
  • Japanese: 島津 将曹 (Shimazu Shôsô)

Shimazu Shôsô Hisanori was a late Edo period karô to the Shimazu clan lords of Kagoshima han.

He was related by marriage in some way to karô Zusho Hirosato, and was promoted and granted appointments as a result. Following Hirosato's death, Hisanori became an even closer retainer to lord Shimazu Narioki. In 1849, during the succession dispute known as the "Oyura sôdô," he helped dispatch a significant number of supporters of Shimazu Nariakira's succession, though Nariakira won out in the end. The following year, Hisanori was formally named karô and served for part or most of that year in Edo. The following year, however, after Narioki's death and Nariakira's succession, Hisanori was removed from that position.


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