Sakai Tadashige (Himeji)

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  • Japanese: 酒井 忠績 (Sakai Tadashige)

Sakai Tadashige was the 8th Edo period Sakai clan lord of Himeji han, and served as Tairô within the Tokugawa shogunate for much of 1865.

He was married to Enhime, a daughter of Honda Suketoshi (lord of Iiyama han).[1] Their first daughter, En, was born on 1862/9/27, but lived less than a year, dying on 1863/6/27 while on the way from Edo to Himeji.[1]

Tadashige was named Tairô on 1865/2/1 and remained in that post until 11/12 of the same year.[2]


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