Nijo family

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  • Japanese: 二条家 (Nijou-ke)

The Nijô family was one of the Gosekke, the top five most powerful kuge families. It was a branch family of the Northern Fujiwara, tracing its descent from Kujô Yoshizane, second son of Kujô Michiie.

Following the Jôkyû Disturbance (1221), Kujô Michiie, son-in-law of Saionji Kintsune, was appointed sesshô/kanpaku, and then his sons Norizane, Yoshizane, and Sanetsune served as sesshô after him. Yoshizane became the founder (progenitor) of the Nijô family, while Sanetsune was the first of the Ichijô family.

Along with the other Gosekke regent families, the Nijô maintained a mansion just south of the Heian Imperial Palace.


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  • Plaques on-site at former site of Nijô mansion.[1]