Nanbu Toshitada

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  • Died: 1855/4/14
  • Japanese: 南部 利済 (Nanbu Toshitada)

Nanbu Toshitada was the 12th lord of Morioka han.

Toshitada succeeded Nanbu Toshimochi to become lord of Morioka.[1]

Domain administration experienced various failures under Toshitada's leadership, leading him to be forced into retirement. He was succeeded by his son Nanbu Toshiyoshi but continued to exercise considerable political influence. Toshiyoshi retired less than two years later (in 1849) in favor of his younger brother Nanbu Toshihisa; according to some accounts, this may have been at Toshitada's urging.

In 1854, a disturbance within the domain led to the Tokugawa shogunate ordering that Toshitada be placed under house arrest and that he be isolated from having influence or involvement in politics or governance.[2]

The following year, Toshitada fell seriously ill, and the shogunate ordered on 1855/5/22 that his house confinement be lifted, but not before he succumbed to his illness and died on 4/14, more than a month earlier.[3]

Preceded by:
Nanbu Toshimochi
Lord of Morioka han
Succeeded by:
Nanbu Toshiyoshi


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