Nakijin Choei

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  • Born: 1775/2/24
  • Other Names: 邦輝 (Shou Houki)
  • Japanese: 今帰仁朝英 (Nakijin Chouei)

Nakijin Chôei, also known by his Chinese-style name Shô Hôki, was a scholar-official of the Ryûkyû Kingdom, and the twelfth head of the Gushikawa family branch of the royal family.

The eldest son of Prince Nakijin Chôshô[1], he was named sô-jitô of Nakijin magiri in 1809. In 1816, when the British ships HMS Alceste and Lyra, captained by Basil Hall, came to Ryûkyû, Chôei, who held the post of fusei dayû at that time, was placed in charge of negotiations.


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  1. Elevated to the rank of Prince for his service; only very distantly related to those in the line of succession.