Nakaoka Shintaro

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  • Born: 1838
  • Died: 1867
  • Japanese: 中岡 新太郎 (Nakaoka Shintarou)

Photograph of Nakaoka Shintaro

A village headman (shoya) from Tosa with the right to carry two swords, Nakaoka was very active in the loyalist movement. A friend and associate of Sakamoto Ryoma, Nakaoaka assisted in efforts to bring Choshu and Satsuma together in their anti-Bakufu alliance. Nakaoka sustained fatal injuries during the assassination of Ryoma, with whom he was staying, at their hideout in the storehouse of the Omiya, a soy seller’s shop in the Kawaramachi district of Kyoto. Although he lingered for two days before succumbing to his wounds, Nakaoka was unable to positively identify his and Ryoma's assassins.


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