Mo Teiki

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  • Born: 1694
  • Died: 1769
  • Titles: 喜友名親雲上 (Kiyuna peechin)
  • Japanese/Chinese: 廷器 (Mou Teiki / Máo Tíngqì)

Mô Teiki was a Ryukyuan scholar-aristocrat who served as a prominent court musician.

First named a gakudôji (teenage musician & dancer) in 1709, he enjoyed a long career serving in various capacities at court.

In 1749 or 1750, he was assigned to train a group of gakudôji or pages (koshô) in performing uzagaku (Chinese-style chamber music), in preparation for a performance before the king, on the occasion of New Year's. The performance took place on 1750/1/11. After numerous days of day-long rehearsals, the actual performance is said to have gone perfectly, with no mistakes. Mô Teiki was granted a hanging scroll painting by the court, while other members of his ensemble received other gifts.


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