Mo Seisho (毛盛昌)

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  • Titles: 小禄 里之子 (Oroku satunushi)
  • Japanese/Chinese: 盛昌 (Mô Seishô / Máo Shèngchāng)

Mô Seishô was a Ryukyuan scholar-aristocrat who served as a gakudôji (musician/entertainer) on the 1710 Ryukyuan mission to Edo. His aristocratic title at that time was Oroku satunushi.

Mô was informed of his appointment to the 1710 mission on 1709/11/11. Along with the other musicians/dancers assigned to the mission, he then spent the next several months intensively rehearsing. On 6/6 the following year, he and other members of the mission were treated to a banquet at Mawashi udun, and he was given (by the royal court) a gift of one box of Chinese fans. The mission departed from Ryûkyû on 7/2.


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