Shikina Seimei

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  • Born: 1651
  • Died: 1715
  • Other Names: 起龍 (Mô Kiryû), 瑞雲 (Zuiun)
  • Japanese: 識名盛命 (Shikina Seimei)

Shikina Seimei was a Ryukyuan aristocrat and scholar of Japanese literature, who served as a member of the Sanshikan for a period of ten years under Kings Shô Tei and Shô Eki. He is known as the author of the Omoidegusa, and compiler in 1711 of the Konkôkenshû, a dictionary of Ryukyuan court language.

Seimei first entered court service in 1666, and was appointed a member of the Sanshikan in 1702. During his time as a court noble, he served as a lead envoy on a tribute mission to China in 1688, and as an envoy to Kagoshima in 1699; it was while in Kagoshima on that trip that he wrote the Omoidegusa, a collection of poetry and essays.


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  • Plaques on-site at former site of Shikina's home, at Shuri Samukawa-chô 1-24.