Matsumoto Sutesuke

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  • Born: 1845
  • Died:1918
  • Japanese: 松本捨助 (Matsumoto Sutesuke)

Matsumoto Sutesuke was a pupil of Tennen Rishin Ryu. He was going to join the Roshigumi with Kondo Isami but gave up because of protesting by family. He kept attempting to join and finally became a Shinsengumi member in 1867. He participated in the Battle of Toba-Fushimi, the Battle of Koshu-Katsunuma and the Battle of Aizu. During the Battle of Aizu, he left the Shinsengumi in Sendai.

After the Meiji Restration, he gave inheritance of the Matsumoto family to Hijikata Jonosuke who was Hijikata Toshizo's nephew and married to Inoue Genzaburo's niece.


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