Matsudaira Naonori

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  • Born: 1869/7/23
  • Died: 1931/12/24
  • Japanese: 松平直徳 (Matsudaira Naonori)

Matsudaira Naonori was the second son of Matsudaira Yoshinori, last daimyô of Akashi han in Harima province. Adopted by his elder brother Matsudaira Naomune, he inherited headship of the family in 1884.

A viscount (shishaku) in the Meiji period kazoku system of peerage, Naonori was a member of the House of Lords, and board member or company director of Akashi Bank, and the Hakushika saké company.

He is known also for his art collection, which included a rare set of nanban screens entitled Yôjin sôgakuzu byôbu, and today in the collection of the MOA (Museum of Art) in Shizuoka.


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