Makino Yasutoshi

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  • Born: 1818/11/17
  • Died: 1863/7/11
  • Titles: Tôtômi no kami
  • Other Names: 貞明 (Sadaaki), 修橘 (Shûkitsu), 徳橘 (Tokukitsu)
  • Japanese: 牧野 康哉 (Makino Yasutoshi)

Makino Yasutoshi was the 9th Makino clan lord of Komoro han in Shinano province. He also served the Tokugawa shogunate as sôshaban for a number of years before being named wakadoshiyori in 1858.[1] Over 2500 volumes of manuscript copies of notes, letters, diary excerpts, and other records related to his professional service are held today by the Shiryôhensanjo (Historiographical Institute) at the University of Tokyo under the title Makino Tôtômi-no-kami ki (牧野遠江守記); all but a hundred or so of these are from a collection of documents entitled Gishiki nado sho tome (儀式等諸留, "Various Records on Ceremonies, etc."), which detail ceremonial preparations and activities which took place within Edo castle on an individual and day-by-day basis.

Yasutoshi was born in 1818 the second son of Makino Sadamoto, lord of Kasama han in Hitachi province. Adopted by Makino Yasunobu of Komoro han, he became lord of Komoro himself in 1832. As lord, he is known for the spread of smallpox inoculation, effecting relief efforts for the poor, river management and flood control projects, and the promotion of local agricultural and artisan production, among other activities.

Named to the wakadoshiyori in 1858, Makino came to serve as an assistant to Tairô Ii Naosuke. Yasutoshi is said to have excelled at Chinese-style poetry, gunnery, and other civil and martial arts both. He retired or resigned his position in 1860.[2] He died on 1863/7/11 at the age of 46. His son Tadanao was adopted by Honda Tadamoto and succeeded Tadamoto to become lord of Okazaki han in 1869.[3]


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