Kuze Hirochika

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  • Titles: Yamato no kami, Iki no kami, Izumo no kami
  • Japanese: 久世 広周 (Kuze Hirochika)

Kuze Hirochika was lord of Sekiyado han and a member of the rôjû in the late 1840s to early 1850s.

He was appointed sôshaban in 1837, and retained that position while being named jisha bugyô in 1843. He was named to the nishinomaru rôjû in 1848, and to full rôjû status shortly afterward.

He was then dismissed from his position among the rôjû on 1858/10/27,[1] but was restored to that position following the death of Ii Naosuke in 1860/3.[2]


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