Koyo Chinbutai

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  • Japanese: 甲陽鎮撫隊 (Kouyou Chinbutai)

Koyo Chinbutai is the name of a military unit formed specially for the campaign in Kai province in 1868. However it's basically a renamed Shinsengumi, as the commander Okubo Tsuyoshi was Kondo Isami's alias. The total number was about 130 plus 22 farmers who joined at Hino where Hijikata Toshizo's home town was located. When they arrived at Komagai, Oishi Kuwajiro who had been sent for scouting brought shocking news the Imperial troops already entered Kofu castle which the Koyo Chinbutai was going to take. (3/4) Next day Hijikata went back to Edo to bring reinforcements but the Imperial troops and the Koyo Chinbutai clashed at Kashiwao on 3/6. After the campaign, Nagakura Shinpachi and Harada Sanosuke left the Shinsengumi.