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  • Japanese: 興国寺 (Koukoku-ji)

Kôkoku-ji was a Sôtô Zen temple in the castle-town of Kagoshima. A branch temple of Fukushô-ji, it was established in 1496.

Originally established in the Inari-chô neighborhood, it was moved some 12 years after its founding, in 1508, to the mountains near Kagoshima castle. In 1575, it served as lodgings for an embassy from the Kingdom of Ryûkyû.

The temple was relocated again, in 1602, to the Reisui area, in conjunction with construction efforts at Kagoshima castle.

The temple was abolished during the haibutsu kishaku anti-Buddhist efforts of the early Meiji period. Though the temple is no longer extant, the associated cemetery is maintained. Notable figures buried there include Kawaminami Rishin and Ijichi Sueyoshi.