Kitabatake clan (Ise)

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  • Japanese: 北畠(Kitabatake-shi)

The Kitabatake of Ise province were descended from the Emperor Murakami (926-967). They were ardent supporters of Emperor Go-Daigo during the early Nambokucho Period, led as they were by the imperial loyalist Kitabatake Chikafusa. They remained loyal to the Southern Court throughout the Nambokucho and were influential in the Kinai region into the Sengoku Period. This branch of the Kitabatake was descended from Chikafusa's son Kitabatake Akiyoshi. They ruled an area in Ise province around present-day Ano and Tsu (20-30 miles SE of Kyoto). The Kitabatake fell under the influence of Oda Nobunaga after 1569 and within a decade had been supplanted.