Iriki-in Shigetoki

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  • Birth: 1573
  • Death: 1600
  • Other name: Mataroku
  • Distinction: Shimazu retainer
  • Japanese: 入来院 重時 (Irikiin Shigetoki)

Shigetoki was the second son of Shimazu Yukihisa and was adopted as heir to the Iriki-in clan following the death of Iriki-in Shigetoyo in 1583. He subsequently married a daughter of Shimazu Toshihisa. He was unable to serve in the 1st Korean Campaign due to illness but joined the 2nd Korean Campaign in 1597 and rendered distinguished service (at Namwan, Sach'on, and elsewhere), afterwards being given a fief at Yuno-o. In 1599 he helped put down a rebellion by Ijuin Tadamune, and fought at Kusumure, afterwards taking the news of the victory to Tokugawa Ieyasu. He accompanied Shimazu Yoshihiro to the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600. When the western forces were defeated, Shigetoki was killed along with the entire Iriki-in contingent during the retreat from the battlefield.