Ii Naonaka

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Ii Naonaka was a late 18th century head of the Ii clan and lord of Hikone han. He is perhaps most known as the father of Tairô Ii Naosuke.

A younger son of daimyô Ii Naohide, Naonaka was declared the official heir to the household and to the domain after his elder brother Ii Naotomi died in 1787. Naonaka's other (younger) brothers included Ii Naomune and Ii Naokata. Later that year, on 1787/10/15, he had his first formal audience with the shogun, in conjunction with being officially recognized (by the shogunate) as Ii Naohide's heir.

Naonaka requested permission from the shogunate on 1789/11/26 to marry a daughter of Nanbu Toshimasa, lord of Morioka han. He received permission the following day.[1]

Ii Naosuke was Naonaka's son by a secondary concubine, named Otomi no kata.


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