Hotta Masanari

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The grave of Hotta Masanari, Hotta Masasuke, and Hotta Masatora at Jindai-ji in Sakura
  • Born: 1749/9/27
  • Died: 1805/7/12
  • Japanese: 堀田正順 (Hotta Masanari)

Hotta Masanari was a lord of Sakura han, who served as sôjaban, jisha bugyô, Osaka jôdai, and Kyoto shoshidai over the course of his career.

The sixth son of Hotta Masasuke, he succeeded his father after all of his older brothers fell ill and died young. He thus became lord of Sakura han in 1761.

Following Masanari's own death in 1805, he was buried alongside other members of the Hotta clan at Jindai-ji in Sakura. He was succeeded by his younger brother Hotta Masatoki.

Preceded by
Hotta Masasuke
Lord of Sakura
Succeeded by
Hotta Masatoki