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  • Established: mid-17th c.
  • Closed: 2017
  • Other Names: 吉田屋 (Yoshida ya)
  • Japanese: 富貴楼 (Fukirô)

Fukirô was a long-lasting ryôtei restaurant and inn in Nagasaki which was a favorite of figures such as Itô Hirobumi, Iwasaki Yatarô, and Sakamoto Ryôma.

Established in the mid-17th century as the Yoshida-ya, the inn became frequented in the late 19th century by prominent figures such as Iwasaki Yatarô and Sakamoto Ryôma. Itô Hirobumi granted the Yoshida-ya the name "Fuki-rô" ("elegant and grand tower") in 1889.

The business closed in 2017, but dishes and other items connected to the inn's long history are now used at other notable restaurants across the country.


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